Bills in red  -  OPPOSED
 Bills in blue  - 

 1.  Search for a bill in the General Assembly  
E-mail Committee Members 
 3.  Don't wait until the bill is out of committee to call 
- Call Early & Call Often !!!

Topic Bill Number & Title Summary Action
Family Law HB 20 - Marriage License Fee - Premarital Prep Course Authorizing Counties to offer a discount on marriage license fees to couples who attend premarital counseling . Complete Summary Call and show your support. Contact House Judiciary

To assist you when calling or e-mailing, follow this simple script:


My  name is ________  and I’m calling to  encourage Senator/Delegate ________ to vote in opposition/support  of  the following bill(s) in his/her committee.  The  bill number(s)  are HB/SB ________  and HB/SB _______ . 

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Maryland House Phone List         Maryland Senate Phone List

General Assembly Switchboard 1-(800) 492-7122

When contacting your Representatives:

1.)  Always call the Chairman and Vice Chairman
2.)  Always Email everyone on the committee that has an email address
3.)  Be logical and polite, also be brief in your comments
4.)  Be cordial and positive, this helps a legislator feel more positive and open to your request
5.)  Offer encouragement whenever possible

Search for a bill in the Maryland General Assembly:

Send an E-mail to each member of a Senate or House Committee


  • Send an E-mail to ALL the Maryland Legislators

  • Send an E-mail to the Governor

  • Send an E-mail to the Lt. Governor



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